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Irsyadi Nafis
Fakults Teknik
Universitas Proklamasi 45 Yogyakarta

Playing game in tablet (Foto : Rauf)
Do not you realize about every parent of this globalization whom a way to make their children have positive and negative in their habit ? it is started from a computer. In my opinion, The computer has changed their children. They choose to play on the computer instead of playing with their  friends. Why? Because the computer provides many games to make the children will try every game till they feel bored and change to another game. Then, they spend much money which is for game by game on internet or they rent a disc and instal the games to their computer. That become a problem your health even death.
I am wondering why they gave up their money for some games to get their satisfied. In this occasion, I write some benefit and shortage of games with the case of the game users. Increasingly cheapness Internet connections make online gaming has mushroomed in Indonesia, especially big city. Narrow land to play more and support the development of online games which makes the case to the users.
 First case, In 2007, a 13-years boy, His name was Dinh who had killed a 81 years old woman and stealing her money to fund online games. Vietnam police reported that the grandmother was tied up with mine, and buried in a pile of sand in front of his house. Due to his age, he was not sent to prison, but to re-education camps where he would be released if he was good behavior.

 Second cases, Tyrone Spellman (27), He played a long time with his X – box. When 17-month-old daughter pulled some wires and turned his X – box to the ground, it was broken, Tyrone became absolutely furious. Tyrone hit her with the power of the 'fractured skull several times' autopsy also revealed a broken arm that was not known to social workers two weeks earlier.
 Third cases, After his mother and father took the “Halo 3” tapes away from him, Daniel Petric's 17-year-old to open the safe where the tape was. In the safe also contained a 9mm pistol. then He took the game with his gun and came into the room where her parents were, they were asked to close their eyes because he had a surprise for them, and then shot her mother and father's head. The father survived with critical injuries, but she died instantly.
 I will talk about the positive and negative impacts that may arise this game both in terms of health and other effects.

Positive effects
1.    Each game has a level of difficulty / different level. Generally the game is equipped trinkets weapons, ammunition, characters and maps different game. To complete a level or defeat enemies efficient strategies are needed. Playing online games to train players to be able to win the game quickly, efficiently and produce more points.
2.    Increasing concentrations. Concentration of online game players the ability to rise as they have to complete some tasks and try to look for loopholes that might be skipped and monitor the course of the game. The more difficult a game it will be increasingly necessary high level of concentration.
3.    Improving coordination of hand and eye. Research conducted at Manchester University and Central Lanchashire University stated that people who play games 18 hours a week, or about two and a half hours per day will improve coordination between eye and hand.
4.    improve the ability to read the behavior of Finland Univesity states that games improve reading skills in children psychology. So opinions stating that these types of games lower the child's interest in reading is unreasonable.
5.    Improve English speaking skills. A study found that gamers have the English language skills are better but do not take courses during school or college. This is because a lot of the story is told in English and sometimes they chat with other players from different countries.

Negative effects
1.    Strong addiction
Most of the games currently available are designed to be addictive players. when someone getting addicted to a game then the game makers will benefit from the increased purchasing gold / tool / character increases. But this is precisely the advantage manufacturers produce negative effect on the psychological health of game players.
2.    Games led to do negative things
Although there are not many but quite often we come across cases of online game players who tried to steal another player ID in various ways. Then take the money in it or dismantle equipment that is expensive. Activity is usually stolen ID theft continues on other accounts like facebook, email using the key logger, software cracking and others. Form of theft is not limited to theft of ID and passwords but also could lead to the theft of money, though usually not a lot (of the tuition fees for example) and theft of time, such as skipping school to play games.
3.    Forget the obligations
Attachment to task completion time in the game and pleasure to play it often makes various activities neglected. Worship time, tasks at school, at college or job duties to be abandoned due to play games or think about it. Moreover, a lot of games that continue to run even when you offline.
4.    Waste of money
The money to pay rent and buy a computer in a cybercafe gold / points / characters sometimes value could reach millions of dollars. Not to mention an internet connection, and upgrading computer applications at home.
5.    Games detrimental to health
when someone is sitting continuously in front of the computer for hours that will be a negative impact on the body.

Impact on health
Eye strain
Eye strain is eye fatigue due to excess use of eyes, see the same objects continuously as computer screens, TVs, microscopes and driving. In the online games in addition to looking at the monitor continuously, rarely blinking eyes that will also add to fatigue.
Sitting for long periods can disrupt blood circulation and pressing the veins around the anus, causing bulging veins that feels hot and sore called hemorrhoids.
Lowering metabolism
Sitting too long without exercise makes muscles did not result in decreased metabolic activity. In the long term effects include decreased muscle mass, obesity, the immune system making it more susceptible to disease.
 These effects are actually caused by the above is not limited to online gaming, but also can occur in the majority of people who play games or game consoles to smart phones because basically most of the game was made so that the players want to play it repeatedly and addiction, but the impact greater gamers online because of the high level of addiction.


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