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Ratna Kanyaka Budi Utami
Fakultas Psikologi
Universitas Proklamasi 45

Nowadays women have the same right as the men get in every level in this modern life. The women now can get a good job and run their career very well. They are able to reach higher position, look for many kinds of guy they want, pay the bill on time, go shopping everytime and something that just easy to have. They are very independent and tough so their thought are just like “I am gonna be fine without a man in my life”.

Should women have target to get married? There will be many different opinions. Based on the study, nowadays women don’t really feel and want to get married because they already happy with 5CS ; career,  credit cards, cars, condoms, and condominium. They don’t have to worry about the goal of getting married. Indonesian women normaly  take a commitment to bring their relationship into the marriage in about 20s, it is very common in age 24-26 years old. In the big cities the things about to marry are changing so fast, those are because of new lifestyle, new perspective, and new age. Women want to achieve a number of purposes but some of them rarely want to end their youth up become a housewife that just stay in a house all day long, take care of their kids, wash dishes, and that’s all about.

There are three possibilities why women still being single and not choose get married very quick, first they felt they have right to define their own lives, second they don’t need men because they are financially and spiritually content, and they don’t want to push themselves to get into married life before they are fully ready, but those are not able to be generalized since several women want to get a married life as well because they don’t want to end up being lonesome when they are old.

We can conclude that  in this new age women have numerous choices to bring up their life and we may not give any judgement about that. We just have to live our own life, because we never know what the future brings to keep us alive.

Source : Summary from my discussion article “All the Single Ladies” February 9 2013

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  1. Dear Ratna, please mention the source of your writing please. It is really important in order to overcome the plagiarism. Well, your writing is good. Please use the dictionary to check your grammar correctness (thesaurus). Well done dear.


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