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Universitas Proklamasi 45 Yogyakarta

Indeed, we have something different opinion, but the purpose must be the same to get our sincerity from everyone even God. But mostly the people do not care about what they have chosen and only just want to do what they really want especially their desire. Maybe we will know and just make our life go with the flow, still not to focus about the department. We have not realized yet that someone has hope in your future, they just wait, wait, and wait for you to make it difference which is able to change every possibility and every expectation of choosing or doing your every single thing that  you do even you are just a son or daughter in your family. It is like a baby. When the baby is cute or acts cute. The baby smiles at the parent and that is the parent’s happiness although just looking at the baby smiling at the parent. However, we are going to do different like making the parent proudly when you have changed their life. For example in true story, I have a friend. His name is Ryan. He is the first son in his family. When he was child, the parent hope that he could do everything the parent’s desire. One day, Ryan has grown up. He is tall, smarter, and very handsome. He very likes sport. Sometimes he exercises such as jogging, warming, or in a gym. But he is still confused about what his future. He does everything which he likes. Althought he is sometimes bored and he changes everything what he wants even the parent have told him that he has to do these, or those which the parent has instructed him for his future. Unfortunately, he does not listen and he just does everything which He does as heart and desire. But perhaps, we can do as we want and demand to study is the important one for giving a feather in one’s cap for our parents even you dislike but we can do everything if those are positive things. The parent have  to be supporting and giving you the best they can if you also give them what they want. It is right according to them who have this feeling that the other people sometimes are different, but the scariest thing is when during what we thought right is wrong or when we are right however another people insistent to feel like right. The those truth is confusing but we hope the truth which as long as we thought is validity which in truth.

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  1. In my opinion, the truth will never be existed.


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