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Ratna Kanyaka B.U

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Relationship should have rules, why? Because relationship contains two people, two hearts, two brain, and two points of view, nevertheless  what if all the rules can not be obeyed and one of us ruin it? Should we solve it? Yes, it’s certain, and this will end if we are not able to control. What’s the best way to clear it? There are two common ways, we talk and overcome it or break up.
This article will discuss about how we should do after breaking up, why we talk about it? Since it is the most favorite thing and every youth has ever felt it, hasn’t they? Breaking up is never easy and the writer feels so sure that this is one of the hardest parts in daily life. Sometimes relationship must be ended and we are barely able to accept this condition. No matter how painful it is we have to move on from bad relationship. Breaking up will affect emotionally and mentally, for those who can not accept it will feel hubbub, very sad and confused.
Like what they say, memories are so easy to make but it is very hard to forget and let them get out from our mind. Those make hard to move on,  it seems so difficult to think clearly what we have to do after that. Remembering and memorizing about good memories are gonna make us harder to leave. There two good quotes to psyche yourself up to move on from a break up; "Things do happen for a reason" and "What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger" Read and feel it. First thing you should do to move on is you have to put it in your head that it is over. Change your mindset.

No thought, no more hoping, no more imagine, and no more fantasizing about him/her. If you do, it will make you’re trapped into your system that he/ she will call and get back you to be together again. Then, you don’t have to be shy to weep, that is okay yet give the maximum time to it. It is sure that breaking up makes us stress, angry, sad and not seldom to blame him/herself and also ourselves, it is better way for us to do workout in order to make us sublime our bad energy into a good one,  such as; running, boxing, hiking and et cetera.
The other thing is to get rid of anything that make you remember him/her, it means you have to delete her/his cellphone number, pictures, or stuffs given from her/him. Erase all things about him/her. You easier to ease your pain. Besides all those things, think why you both make a deal with, what’s the problem, it makes you think twice to waste your energy thinking about it.
The only one point for ourselves is to take good care ourselvers. Eat, rest, workout, hangout, go anywhere we want, dance, sing, shopping, and all activities make you feel much better.  

Source : Summary from my discussion article “How to Move on From a Bad Relationship” February 23 2013

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  1. Could we suicide after breaking up our severe relationship? I prefer going to a party to suicide. Suppose we could meet a wonderful guy in a party.

  2. it could be especially for those whose EQ is low and those who're not able to cntrol themselvs. it's ok to go to the party yet only for having fun and losing something make us burden. and after that, begin a good one


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