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IAYP Adventure: Pare English Village

Sulfi Amalia
Faculty of Law
University of Proklamasi 45 Yogyakarta

“Good teacher is our experience”. We always heard the sentence, right? Yeah, I think so. It is true. Why? Because by experience, we can know about more knowledges and any else. It likes me, I got my new experience from my adventure in Pare English Village. Let me tell about it.
On the last January 2015, I went to Pare English Pare Village. I went there with my friends, they are Nurfatun Munawarah and Hendri Anur. You can call them Nurfa and Hendri. Nurfa is a student of Economy Faculty, and she is fourth semester now. When we went to Pare, she is same with me. She is third semester, me too. Hendri is a student of Petroleum Engineering, and now he is second semester, but before he went to Pare, he is first semester.
By my adventure in Pare, I get more experiences. One of them, it about time. My coures place, Access-ES, really attent about time. “Times is money”, the slogan always was heard by my ears. There, I was trained to always went on time to the class. I almost had full scheadule, begin after Subuh, at 04.30 a.m, until Isya Prayer, about 8.30 p.m. If I came late, I would get punishment from my coach. Coach is teacher in Access-ES. So, We call “Coach” to all of the person who teach us.
I had class from Monday until Friday. Saturday and Monday were holiday. From Monday until Friday, I had five class everyday. They consist of two dormitory class, and three out class. The both of dormitory class begin at 04.30 a.m until 06.00, and also at 06.00 p.m. until 08.30. For the third of out class, consist of three termint : Speaking 1 Class, Prenounciation Class, and Study Club.
Actually, many stories that I would to tell. The first time I joined interview test. The name of coach that gave me interview test was Coach Macho. Coach Macho is one of coach who made me interested. He is cool man. He has long hair, and his hair is black and straight. He also has bright skin and curved eyebrow. His body almost like Ade Ray ( may be, hehehe ). But, the first time I met him, I fall afraid. My opinion about him was bad. I think he is a horrible coach, because his facial expression is always look like grumpy man. So, I really scare to talk with him. But, in the fact, all of my feeling was wrong. Coach Macho is not so. Coach Macho is a kind coach. He is also engrossed man.
When I joined interview test with Coach Macho, he gave me many questions. Begin about my family, my study, my village and any else. Coach Macho asked about my father, my mother, my sister, and my brother. About my study, Coach Macho asked me why I choose Law Department. I told Coach Macho that I choose Law Department because it is My father’s choise. My father really wants me become a wise judge. Actually, I don’t want this Department, but I always try to like it because that is my father’s asking.
Furthermore, Coach Macho also asked me why I went to Pare English Village. I explain my reasons to him. First, I went to Pare English Village because I heard from people, from my friends, that if we study in Pare English Village, the result is very effective. Many my friends have studied here, and they can speak English fluently. I wanna like them. So, I decided to went to here (Pare English Village). I also wanna got new experiences and knowledges.
The second of My reasons, I told Coach Macho that I went to here, because I also wanna do my IAYP Andventure. Coach Macho asked me again, “What’s IAYP?”. I explain him that IAYP (International Award for Young People) is a award for young people after do some activities. The activities are Sport, Skill, Public Service, and Adventure. There are there level in IAYP, they are Bronze Award, Silver Award, and Gold Award. Maybe, Coach Macho confused with my explanation because the name of IAYP is new for him.
That is about my interview test with Coach Macho. I still have other story from my adventure in Pare English Village. This is about Coach Odah. Do you know Coach Odah? Coach Odah is a intructure in My dormitory, Access Camp 2. Coach Odah is a cute coach. She is thin, but she is beautiful. She make veil if she wanna go out from dormitory. Sometimes, she also don’t make veil if she is in my dormitory. Her hair is short. If she don’t make veil, she is look like a boy. She is funny girl. She always make a joke if she teaches us in dormitory class.
Coach Odah was trained me to be a discipline student. From her, I really aware that time is valuabel very much. She also asked me to use my time to something usefull. In Access-ES, I was trained to use my time to study hard. If I had spare time, I don’t waste the time, but I really use the time to study, to read, to study, to read again, or to do home work.
Access-ES use “give duty everyday” as the learning system. So, every day, the member of Access-ES Course will get duty from each coach in their class, include me. Here, I really fall how I was so dizziness, so confused, and so tired by duty. I aware that the couse duty is more difficult than college duty. My lecturer rare to give me duty, but here, in Access-ES College, almost every day I get duty.
One day, I had planning to go to Bromo Mountain. I had finished my preparing, but I had to cancel it because there was something that more important. I had a duty from Coach Yogy, the coach of Pronounciation Class. So, I could’n went to Bromo because I had to do my duty.
There was one of duties again that made me dizziness. One day, I got a duty from Coach Macho, the coach of Speaking 1 Class. The duty is I had to found five persons to interview, and I had to explained something to them. From the five persons, three persons must from out of member Access-ES, and two persons again from Coach in Access-ES. After I explained something, I had to ask a value to them. Alhamdulillaah..my value that I got from them is tolerable good. There was 79, 80, 83, 85, 86.
Every Monday, about 06.30 p.m., I had scheadule to came to Bamboo Class. There, Access-ES had a program, it is Get Drinking. The program rundown is always change every Monday. Sometimes, We discuss about something. We ever were trained to debate about government. Here, I can learned to can gave opinions to made government to be best again.
From my scheadules, I also had to can decided my time to do my IAYP activities. Usually, I done my IAYP Activities with my friends, Nurfa. I and Nurfa do Sport Activity at 02.00 p.m.. My public service activity is cleaning Access Camp 2. Usually, I done it on Saturday or Sunday. About My Skill, I also writing an essay every week.
Sometimes, My friends in My dormitory laughs me if I done sport or cleaning dormitory. They asked me, for what I done it? Every they asked me, I explained about IAYP to them. And the most of them, fall interested to IAYP.
Although my scheadules in Access-ES was full, I still think about my time to do IAYP. Because, From IAYP, I get many experience, I get many knowledge, and I also can fix my character. By IAYP, I can learned how to be disciplin, on time, not procrastinate, and any else.
My leader, Mrs. Arundati Shinta, always give me advices. I also often tell her if I have problem. Many kind of problems, like family problem, college problem, life problem, or any else. I reall feel happy, I feel that I am lucky person can join IAYP.
Oke, that’s all my story. How about you? I am sure that you also have good story. Let you tell me too. See you  .

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