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The Big Citizen is Who Can Develop This Earth

By :  Aristanti Oktavia Dewi
Petroleum Engineering Department, University of Proklamasi 45

This earth is a beautiful planet. Don’t look how about the physical of it, but look at everything in it. There are everything like humans, animals, plants, nature and the others. All live creatures in this world have variation and they will form a variety of culture and ethnic together with nature and live creatures. Sometimes, many problems will come like the breakage of environment; the minimum of human energy source, natural energy source is unexplored maximally, war, conflict between or among countries in this world, poverty, education problem, corruption, and etc. As young generation, it will be better to think about the best method what must the humans do and have a role to develop all countries in this world.
            Actually, among humans in this world will form a culture. In the certain areas will form it automatically. Why? My reason is humans in this entire world cannot live by themselves. They will gather with all people around their environment. The differences of culture will influence their life. But, among all countries with different cultures must do something in order to the unity of citizen can`t be broken.
            This is the duty to all people in this world. Because of that, Many problems like have explained above, we must be able to solve it. The breakage of environment is our environment which doesn’t manage well in the certain areas. Usually it happens because some people who don’t aware about the importance of environment from the beauty and the cleanness of environment. The best way to solve it likes giving a comprehension about the importance about the environment. The broken environment will make natural disasters happen. When flood, landslide, erosion happen, they will give the bad impact for the humans life. The natural disasters will affect many victims fall. So, character education and guidance is important to develop in the humans’ environment.
            Human energy source, especially for the underdeveloped countries with many citizens are less to get the enough education. So, it is better, if the citizens in each country must be cultivated and educated from their government, in order to they can increase the human energy source. Related with it, the good human energy source can support the natural energy source which can be explored maximally. If it happens, it can develop the certain country and the country will be better than before. It will be optimize to happen because the best human energy source must be going to manage the natural energy source well and suitable with the available rules.
            Reconciliation between two countries or among many countries must be done. It will help to avoid war and conflict among many countries. The government must be keep the relation in his country in order to it has the good relation in the other countries’ view. All countries should make a treaty which can regulate their countries. It is so important to support the advancement of many countries in this world.
            Poverty is still rampant. There are many citizens with limited life. They usually live in the place which doesn’t proper. Children with the bad economy condition usually don’t study in a school because they always think that they will not be able to study in a school without much money to pay the payment of school and etc. It is so tragic, all children in the good economy situation can develop their knowledge but the children in the bad economy can’t do it. So, how about the education system, if education can’t get for all children in this world evenly? It is not a justice, whereas all countries must just to face all citizens in it. All citizens have rights to the good education.

And for corruption case, it must be spend the money supply of a country and indirectly the case affect the poverty from the citizens with the limited income. Advisable, awareness must be developed in order to every leader in this world do their duties well and never harm the money of citizens. With religion aspect, corruption is the bad case which can make misery all people, especially all poor people, and smear the country image.

(The above essay is used to participate in International Essay Contest, conducted by The Goi Peace Foundation and UNESCO).

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