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Irsyadi Nafis
Fakultas Teknik Universitas Proklamasi 45

First day
A couple years ago. I was packing to study tour and visiting some industries which was held in Jakarta. Together with other students who different majors, would enjoy the amazing trip which would be begun from my vocational school at that time. Before starting the trip, we were told some rules that we should obiedient in hall room when we visited and kept attitude for our school. And our teachers told us that we were supposed to write about what you were able to see there for reporting to each major’s head in the school. After telling some obligations, everybody had to prepare quickly, took a bus and starting the trip. We were leaving at 4pm and enjoying the trip for about six hours or more. While the journey was starting. My friend, Risky wanted to sing some songs for us during the tour to make us not feeling bored till we were tired. Three hours had passed. We arrived at a restaurant for a dinner. Some of us took turns to worship and others enjoyed the dinner. And they welcomed us by an entertainment stage. An hours passed, so we started again our journey to reach Jakarta a few hours and depart at a hotel near TMII. So we check in to the hotel and took a rest for next day.

Second day
Let’s started a second day of studying about Jakarta’s companies, I got up at 4am. I enjoyed this morning because I prayed in a beautiful mosque, At – Tiin Mosque. It was such a amazing architecture. I loved it. Beginning the day with the unpredictable about Jakarta. Then, we was having breakfast at 7am. Last night was pretty cold, I couldn’t sleep at all. My friend turn AC on very high degrees and we were cold. So I turn it off. My roommate were Ade, Riski, Pepenk. They were very noisy and liked singing at outside room near swimming pool. So my major was electrical engineer. According our schedule. We started the second day to come 2 companies and in the end of this day would be fun at TMII. When everybody were ready to the first company, it was PT. PLN (persero) in the Central Jakarta. They welcomed and introduce us about the company. They explained that we were supposed to use a helmet and smock, but we just used the helmet because that day was off for the company. Usually they were giving energy to Gelora Bung Karno stadium if there was a match. They had three machines of energy to give only the stadium. It was very big and more than 10000 watts per hours when switch the machines on. To the next stop, we visited another company. It was PT. Adi Raya Mandiri. The manager of this company were guiding us to look around the contain of company including some workers which were doing their jobs. The manager told us that perhaps we were able to be accepted by the company if you had some list to get a qualification to be workers here. I was impressive because they were competent in the work and no vain to spend their jobs. Midday had come. we passed bundaran HI and Monas which we’d like to see them, then we prayed dhuhur at Istiqlal Mosque. You were going to believe that the Istiqlal was a great and increadable building. It was very large and magnificent. When I entered, everything was peaceful. Some of them prayed, and discuss or talking each other in the mosque even some children were doing positive by reading Al Qur’an. After a few minutes I talked to a teacher there about history of istiqlal. How did a government let this building standing in front of a big church? What was reason? He said that this was evidence of tolerance between religions one with another religion should be mutually respected. The last destination was TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah). We arrived there at 1.45pm and spoiled a beautiful scenery in Kala Makara main entrance to surround some of the object that we could visit such as museums, theatres, rides, recreation facilities, lodgings, restaurants, monuments, halls, buildings, and other exhibits. But of course we were not able to visit them in a few hours, so our bus were taking us to Electricity and New Energy Museum. We had a look such amazing stuffs, Windmill electricity from water, PWR Nuclear Reactor, Solar cars WWI and etc. But unfortunately, we had to come back to hotel after spending three hours at TMII. This day made me relize that we could try and try even harder to reach our dream and some people in the past had proved to us at that museums.

Third day
The last day was for checking out from the hotel, and we were going to come back to Yogyakarta to leave Jakarta. In the morning we were busy to arrange out stuff and took a breakfast then preparing to the bus one by one and feeling so sad after this lesson from Jakarta. We knew that this beautiful City actually gave us many experiences not only for our future but how to understand each others. Of course everybody could say and did everything possible to catch what they had dreamed.

Source :
My experiences visiting Jakarta with SMK Muhammadiyah 3 Yogyakarta.
This paper was presented at my courses in Pare Kediri East Java.
Wikipedia : Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. en.wikipedia.org, April, 30th 2013. Retrieved on June, 1st 2013 from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taman_Mini_Indonesia_Indah

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