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Briquette Charcoal as Biomass Energy in Indonesia

By : Aristanti Oktavia Dewi
Petroleum Engineering Department/ University of Proklamasi 45

        Retrieved from: http://bayuimaduddin.blogspot.co.id/2016/03/renewable-energies-in-indonesia-how-is.html

          The cities’ waste is one of many kind of wastes which is categorized depends on it location. The biggest parts of cities’ wastes consist of biomass materials from cities’ wastes, e.g. it can be benefitted to making briquette charcoal. Biomass wastes are like leaves, wood, papers, carton, bones, livestock foods residue, vegetables, and fruits). Non-biomass wastes are tins, plastics, irons, and the others metal. What is the briquette charcoal? Briquette Charcoal is an alternative energy resource in Indonesia. Many people in Indonesia are interested to have an experiment with briquette charcoal. Do you know, where does briquette charcoal come from? Briquette charcoal of biomass is got by burn the dry biomass in a container with a narrow mouth. The container is a drum (like a second drum of oil) with height is 85 centimeters; the diameter is 55 centimeters with the drum closing, there is a small hole with diameter 25 centimeters. Where can we get the dry biomass? We can get it from the cities’ wastes, where do the biggest compositions contain 41 until 61% of biomass. Biomass from the cities’ wastes can be utilized become briquette charcoal fuel and it is one of many alternative energy which can be developed in this country, Indonesia.
          Making charcoal process likes bio-charcoal. Bio-charcoal is charcoal which is gotten y burning the dry biomass into a container with a narrow mouth. This container can be from a fuel second drum. Making charcoal happens when there is a thing which brings to the boil until reach burn point until the thing seems smolder. Afterwards, the entering oxygen is stopped by closing part of holes in order to the thing is burned out become dust. To get the good making charcoal result needs to observe some consideration, e.g.
  1. Wastes characteristic especially the water contents.
  2. The energy value which needs.

There are many kinds of briquette charcoal, e.g.:
Briquette charcoal can be made from some materials like wood pollen and charcoal pollen. The making processes in below:
  • Wood Briquette

Wood Briquette is the solid fuel, made from wood pollen without heater and with or without using glue substance. Saw pollen is the suitable kind of waste to make wood briquette.
  • Charcoal Briquette

This Charcoal briquette is made from charcoal pollen which has mixed with glue, then without heater in room temperature. The pressure about 1000 until 1500 kg/cm2 depends on the wanted quality.
  • Water Hyacinth Briquette

This charcoal briquette is made from water hyacinth charcoal powder which is mixed with glue then without heater in room temperature.

Wood Treatment to basic material
            The wood basic material comes from the field opening wastes like wood a cut branch residue that cannot be benefitted as building materials.
The Method of wood combustion
            Before we do the combustion, firstly, enter branch or the dry branch into the hole as the first combustion place. Later, give a little oil to facilitate the flaming. After the fire blazed, we must keep it in order to the coal keep to flare and creep into the hole.
           Organic wastes have the big impact toward global warming. If briquette becomes the solid fuel, so the methane gas has the negative effect toward global warming. And when become the methane gas combustion (CH4) will change become CO2 gas and heat energy can be benefitted as heater to cook or industry scale need.
The Equation of Combustion:
CxHy + Oà CO2 + H2O + HEAT
If happen the combustion CH4, so:
CH4 + O2 à CO2 + H2O + HEAT
          For the chemical reaction result that happens, capable to minimize the happening of contribution about global warming, because methane gas have became carbon dioxide gas and water vapor and produce heat energy that can be benefitted to fulfill daily need and industry need.
Making Briquette Process
       In making briquette process, there are some steps in order to the briquette get the maximal result.
-          Material Dehydration
-          Hulling
-          The Glue Material Compounding
-          Batter Compounding
-          Molding
-          Briquette Drying

          The explanation above to give a solution about the best potential alternative energy in this Country, Indonesia.

(The above essay is made to join the essay competition conducted by IPA 2014)

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