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Ratna Kanyaka Budi Utami

Psychology Faculty, Proklamasi University

Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Foto : Istimewa
Most people say that love does not need a reason but some people argue and emphasize that love needs a reason to settle the feeling when we desperately give up in a relationship and the only way out is hold on. It depends on our own perception and definition about love itself.
Nowadays we can find many people whose relationship is fine eventhough there are numerous of limitations they have and they feel that they have balance one another without exception. We are not able to prevent the difference, such as; the religion, the age, the background of family, the character and et cetera. The two people who have relationship have to through a number of those differences.
 It is very common thing but we may not get it into trouble about difference of age in a relationship, we should not judge without knowing what the reason is. I have a best friend that have relationship and she is nineteen years younger than her boyfriend, she is nineteen years old now and still in the first year in her college. They have begun their relationship for four years and there is no breaking up although they have several troubles. At the first time I thought she is kidding me but big no. That is positively true.
The only thing that makes me wonder about themselves is about their commitment in their relationship, my friend is very optimist and believe in her boyfriend to be her husband and both of them have been loved since my friend was in senior high school and they met for the first time when her boyfriend as her teacher in her junior high school. The have thought about marriage and arranged the future together. And we can call it “The Power of Love”.
I have asked for her about her belief to decide to get married this year, is there still any hesitation or something like that? It based what I think that she is too young to marry and there is still long journey as well, I know she has many dreams and ambition in her life become a teacher and run her own business, and I very wonder how can she willing to spend her youth in “the real of life”.
I think that story is very common but many values we can get. However that should be able to inspire us especially who have a relationship. Love is love, love accidentally comes and goes but the only thing we must realize is to love someone with full of sincerity and take them as they are. 

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